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”Кълъмбия рекърдс” пуска първите дългосвирещи грамофонни плочи

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  » Mystery of The Old House 2

Mystery of The Old House Episode 2 is a online new unlimited object game. And again I ask you about the help my friend. It is very glad that you don't leave me in trouble. Near my mansion, there is a mill, there I found an ancient plate with letters. Good luck and have fun.

  » Family Relic Lost Key

Family Relic: The Lost Key is a new hidden game by adrianmarik. As it good that I met you. I had a misfortune. My ancient key which was a family relic was segmented and they scattered about the rooms. help me to find parts of a key. Let's get lost family relic. The valuable family relic was lost. It scattered on a part. Help to find parts of a family relic, finding the various objects in the room

  » Bewitched Dol

Horrible house is a new secret things game by adrianmarik. Find all of the bewitched doll part and assemble them together to witchcraft dissipated. A few years ago to us the misfortune came. The old witch blew me and wants to destroy all what I clerish. It threw in the house, the bewitched doll divided into parts. Good luck and have fun.

  » Secret Book

Secret Book is new search and find game by girlsgogames. Celine always dreamed of a great adventure. After reading a mysterious book in a neglected corner of the library, she's got her wish! Explore an alternate realm within the book—where dragons and fairies really do exist. Good luck and have fun.

  » Treasures Of The Sea

Hidden Treasures Of The Sea is a online fun lost objects game by online-hidden-object-games. Find the lost treasures, tiny sea creatures and other secrets that are hidden in the mysterious depths. Try not to make mistakes; with every wrong click, you will lose 5 seconds. Good luck and have fun.

  » Back to Titanic

Back to Titanic is a online new secret objects game by Click on an object if you have found it. Use the hint button carefully. Go back to the Titanic and find the hidden treasures. Good luck and have fun.

  » The Lost Kingdom Prophecy

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy is a online great objects game by playrix. You must find the four objects that are shown in the inventory above. Each object is broken in five parts and each part is lost somewhere around here. Put together each object by finding all the parts then place the objects in their corresponding places. Good luck and have fun.

  » Ruined House Hidden Objects

Ruined House Atonement is cute missing items game by adrianmarik. A long time ago the house was a beautiful place. But when the vase broke the house was getting a total mess. If you find all 4 parts of the vase the house can regenerate to it's beauty. Good luck and have fun.

  » Treasure Seekers: Lost Jewels

Treasure Seekers: Lost Jewels is new finding game by thegamerstop. I need help to search through the family mansion for some lost jewels that are a family heirloom. Help Grandpa find the lost jewels for the ceremony. You will need to search through the old family mansion that has been vacant for quite awhile. Good luck and have fun.

  » Path to Treasures

Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures is new nodownload missing things game by thegamerstop. Find the figurine pieces in this hidden object game that will lead us to a mountain of treasure! After each hidden objects scene you will get a short 5 difference minigame to complete. Good luck and have fun.

  » Mysteries Of Old Stable

Mysteries Of Old Stable is new collecting game for you. We hope you are crazy about horse and like to take care about them? However before you start to work at the stable, you should find all lost objects on the first level. Look for the scattered horseshoes on the second level. And at last spot all differences between two pictures on the third level. Good luck and have fun.

  » Treasure Seekers: Dungeon Map

Treasure Seekers 2 Dungeon Map is new find it game by thegamerstop. Now that we have found the general location of the tresure we need to actually find the map. It's been split into many pieces so let's find it. Good luck and have fun.

  » Lost Photos

Mystery Trackers: Lost Photos is new seek and find game by tgs_dev. I am Viktor Remagstop. One of the elders of the family in which you have been helping. For that I am greatly indebted to you and value your generosity. The witch that has been terrorizing our family will not stop at any lengths to birng us pain and torment.

  » Detective Files 3

Detective Files 3: Strange New World is great mystery game by tgs_dev. Help Joe Moon explore the strange new world. I need your help so that the world can marvel at the lost evidence of this crime scene. Good luck and have fun.

  » Detective Files 2

Detective Files 2: Doors, Keys and Portals is new mystery game by thegamerstop. This time he searches inside the mansion for clues and begins to find that many of the doors are locked and that there may be more secrets behind this mansion then anyone had thought before. Search through the hidden object scenes for many objects and locate keys to unlock doors that will unlock doors to the rest of th


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