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28 ноември 2020 г.

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28.11.1895 г.
В щата Илинойс се провежда първата в Америка автонадпревара (победителя развил скорост 12 км/ч).

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новините днес - всичко от едно място


  » Blue House Hidden Objects

Find all the objects hidden in the Blue house. Today you have to find 7 objects and you will get a bonus if you find the 7 coins scattered around.

  » Pack for Vacation!

It’s holiday time and you have to pack your bags. Can you find all the objects hidden in the messy room? Help Sissy, Toto, Minna and Lisa pack their bags and tidy their rooms before they leave.

  » Helen's Return from Africa

Helen is returning home from Africa where she spent a few years. Before she leaves she wants to go shopping for souvenirs and has to pack her bags. Help her find the souvenirs from the list and then the items to pack her bags. Have fun with this game with lovely graphics.

  » Easter Bunny Coloring

What are the most popular Easter things? The Easter bunny and the cute little chickens of course. In this game you can color choosing from 6 different pictures.

  » Money Tree

Everyone would like to have in their garden a tree on which makes money. This gardener already has one. The tree needs leafs, sun and water. Help the gardener take care of the tree and make money from the apples that will grow on it. Good luck.

  » Master Thief - Skyscraper Sting

The criminal Samuel Hotorn is about to escape from justice but a woman from his past is determined to make him pay for his crimes. The thief Robin Fleet trained and then betrayed by Hotorn uses her skills to find a proof that will send him to jail. Have fun with this hidden object game, unlock safes and go through many other adventures.

  » Birthday Girl

It’s this girl’s birthday. Help her dress in the best outfit for the occasion.

  » Galactic Odyssey Solitaire

You are the galactic Odysseus and travel around the galaxy. Move from planet to planet to get back to Earth where Penelope is waiting for you. There are 20 planets with 5 levels. 100 levels of the most popular solitaire games are waiting for you. Have fun.

  » Ice Cream Cocktail

Choose the right glass, decorate with delicious fruits and prepare the best ice-cream cocktail. Have fun.

  » The heritage

1A few days ago you received a letter in which the lawyer informed you that your grandfather had passed away. Before his house is sold you have to collect all the old things that will remind you of your grandfather.

  » Terrible Triplets

Imagine you are a babysitter and you get a call to look after triplets. The mother and the father are exhausted and they want to get some sleep because it’s not an easy job to take care of triplets. Can you manage to feed, change and entertain the triplets while their parents are having a rest? Give it a try.

  » Night Out Dress Up

It’s a warm summer night perfect for a walk in the big city. Help this girl pick the most suitable clothes for a night adventure.

  » An Abandoned Bunker

An Abandoned Bunker Salvation George is mystic hidden game by sogood. Hello, my name's George. I am so glad you agreed to help me and not leave me in trouble. The matter is that I got into a scrape and I need to hide. I messed up with bad people, now they want to catch me, I can't imaginewhat they will do with me. Those are very malicious people. Good luck and have fun.

  » Rough Roads

Are you a good driver? Test your skills in the streets of 6 big cities throughout the world. Collect bonuses and get faster to the next destination - Egypt, New York, London, Tokyo, Australia and India!

  » Strange Library: Book of Predictions

Strange Library is online missing items game by Squigly's. Have you ever thought what except you in the future? If you have, there are good news for you. I've heard about one book, which shows the future. Firt you need to find the book, and then the secret items that need to ne inserted only into place and in the right order. Be careful, this book can bring you to the most unpredictable places.

  » Banana Split

Prepare the most delicious banana split in the world. Decorate it as you like and add various toppings and flavors. Have fun.

  » Fast Food Rush

Rey and Tina are friends who have decided to get jobs for the summer. As you all know working in the food industry can be stressful. Your task is to complete the orders correctly and serve the customers as fast as possible. But watch out! When a customer gets angry you lose 3 seconds.

  » Princess Sofia

The lovely princess Sofia will have her portrait painted against the background of a big castle. Help her choose the best gown, crown, earrings, necklaces and other accessories.

  » Membata Island

Membata Island is mystery skill game by HIDDEN4FUN. They accommodate in a luxury hotel with an amazing view from their balcony but of course, they are not that kind of people that will spend the holiday closed so they start their journey right away. We hope that those guys won't get lost too. But if they do, you are here to help them. Good luck and have fun.

  » Tropical Spa Center

Tropical Spa Center is new hidden object game by Hidden4Fun. You could also enjoy the beauties of this wonderful place by looking for some objects that are hidden in the scenes of the tropical spa center. Make sure that you find all of them and go through the beautiful views that are part of this place. Good luck and have fun.

  » Aladdin Palace

Aladdin Mystery Palace is online hidden object game by Hidden247. Explore this wonderful Alaaddin palace, discover all objects and fint the differences. This game is a little different from the others. Because there are puzzles in this game. If you find all the objects, you are very lucky. Good luck and have fun.

  » Arabella Gems 4

We are with Arabella again for this new game. Find the objects hidden in the bathroom, the car, the children’s room and the antiques shop. The game has great graphics and wonderful music.

  » Super Bike Jungle

Super Bike Jungle is a great game in which you ride your motorbike through a real jungle. You will come across huge animals and many obstacles. If you manage to complete all levels a pleasant surprise is awaiting you at the end. Have fun.

  » Beijing spring fashion week

Li is in Beijing for the spring fashion week. She is going to model some traditional costumes with modern patterns. Help Li choose the best clothes and become the star of the show. Have fun girls!

  » Snow White

Do you remember the story of Snow White? In this based on that fairytale game you have to find the differences between the pictures. On every level there are six different pictures. There are 10 levels. On each level you can use the Hint button once, but this gives you a time penalty.

  » Rango Coloring Game

Express your artistic skills. This game is based on the animated film Rango, in which the main character is a funny little chameleon named Rango. Color the characters from the movie. Have fun.

  » Sisi's Pizza

Welcome to Sisi’s pizza place. Watch carefully how the pizzas are prepared and Sisi will be very proud of you if you manage to cook the pizzas and serve the customers quickly. Check what kind of pizza the customer wants, arrange it fast with sausages, mushrooms, olives or tomatoes and wrap it. With each new level the challenges get harder and you have to work faster.

  » Massive Tank Attack

Massive Tank Attack is a great game for military game fans. You drive the tank and have to destroy every other tank in your way. Good luck!

  » Christmas Village

This small village is getting ready for Christmas. Find the fragments shown in the pictures and get to the next level. Can you make it?

  » Golden Autumn Mahjong

Click on the mahjong tile and move it to another one with the same pattern. If you manage to arrange them next to each other they will disappear from the field.

  » Hannah Montana Love Mix

You are at our cocktail bar and the future of Hannah Montana is in your hands. Help her prepare the best love mix but be careful not to turn the cocktail into poison and make the famous girl go crazy. Have fun.

  » Merry Christmas Tree

Do you like decorating the Christmas tree? Find all the decorations hidden in its branches. Have fun.

  » Santa’s House

Find all the objects hidden in Santa’s house.

  » Fairytale Princess Dress Up

Dress and put make-up on this lovely fairytale princess. Don’t forget the wings. Can you handle that?

  » Park my truck

You are a driver of a truck and you have to navigate it very carefully. Watch out when you park and take a good look around.

  » Children's Logic

This is a great game of logic that allows you to improve your concentration, your imagination and your memory while having fun! You'll have to go through the maze and fix the puzzles. You'll meet fun animals and learn the colors! Good luck!

  » Аlice’s ice bar

Help Alice prepare her ice cream. Install customers at their tables and click on the menu to see what they want. Use them quickly. If you experience some difficulty clicking the "How to Play" button above the bar.

  » Arabella Gems 3

Game with masterful graphics with relaxing music. There are four levels. Find the 10 differences in each image. Good luck!

  » Arabella Gems 2

Hidden object game. Find hidden items in the kitchen, in the park, in the office and in the ambulance. If you have some difficulties use the game's tips by clicking "Hint". Have fun! This game has particularly uncluttered graphics and relaxing music.

  » Miley Makes A Movie Dress Up

Miley is shooting a new movie about you. You have to choose the best outfits and accessories for the next scene. Light, camera, action!

  » Battle Bugs Attack

You have to protect the food from insect attacks. You can choose between five different weapons. Place them in the various locations. You have to pass 5 levels with 20 waves of attacks each. Good luck and courage!

  » Spaghetti Carbonara

Carbonara pasta is a popular dish in Italy and everywhere else. Boil the pan, add salt, bacon and finally spaghetti. Prepare a delicious sauce. Don't forget to tell me if you like it!

  » Freestyle Motoracer

You are a motor racer. Can you manage to reach to the final and overcome the numerous obstacles? Good luck.

  » The Temples of Nyrabi

The Temples of Nyrabi is free hidden object game by hidden4fun. This time the three of them are somewhere deep in the African jungles, searching for the ancients temples of the lost city of Nyrabi. Each one of them has a task to find certain objects that are hidden somewhere deep in the jungle. They have certain evidences that those objects are hidden there, so it’s best to work separately in...

  » Overseas Adventure

Overseas Adventure is online hidden object game by hidden4fun. The odyssey is incited by an ancient local legend according to which there is a hidden deserted island near The Abarat Archipelago whose existence has been witnesses by many sailors and seamen, yet it is counted imaginary as it is not mapped up to date. As the witnesses of this mystical island suggest, it has deliberately been....

  » The Animal Zoo

The popular zoo has a lot of visitors today and the staff can not show all the animals that people want to see. Help them by taking the visitors to the desired animal. But be careful, because you will have to make some free space for the next visitor. Will you manage wit the task?

  » Hawaii Vacation Dress Up

It is summer. It is time for a vacation to Hawaii. Choose a suitable outfit for the long-awaited vacation. Your flight is to Hawaii! Have a nice time!

  » Sabina Jewelry 2

We meet Sabina once again and we have 4 interesting levels to complete. A lumber-room, a dining-room, a pier and an office. Try to find all the objects hidden there. If it’s too difficult you can use the hints.

  » Sunny Park Solitaire

This is a version of the classic Solitaire game. You have to arrange all cards by selecting pairs with the same numbers. If you can’t find a suitable combination, deal more cards from the deck below. There are 20 levels with high-quality graphics.

  » Lounge Cocktail Bar

You work as a bartender in a cocktail bar and your task is to make tasty and various cocktails. Read the recipe and memorize it. Take the glass, add the ingredients in the shaker and serve the cocktail. If you have missed an ingredient you can use the hint.

  » Sabina Jewelry

This is a free online escape game. You can choose between a bathroom, a classroom, a living room and a bedroom. Find the objects hidden in the room and you will be able to escape from it.

  » Fruit Juice Shop

In this game you have to prepare and serve fruit juice cocktails to the customers. I prefer apple juice but you can make all sorts of combinations that your clients want. Have fun.

  » Visit to Owl Street

Visit to Owl Street is free hidden objects game by hidden4fun. Lisa is a middle aged woman who unfortunately had to face this fight, as well. She spent big part of her life living on Owl Street. The time she lived there she was in a relationship with Patrick. They loved each other very much and lived together for six years. But, love stories very often seem to be perfect when you see them with...

  » Park my truck 2

This is an extraordinary truck game. You have to park your truck at the appointed place but before you can do that you will have to make some difficult moves. Can you make it? Good luck.

  » Times Square by Night

Times square is one of the most popular places in the world. At night it shines with the light of hundreds of advertising billboards. Try to find all the numbers hidden in there. Can you make it? For every correct click you get 10 points and for every wrong click you lose 10 points. You can make up to 3 wrong clicks.

  » Mask Party

This sweet girl is getting ready for a Halloween party. Help her choose the best outfit and accessories for the party. Don’t forget the mysterious mask.

  » Truckster 3

In this game you are the driver of a truck and your task is to deliver cargo to certain places. You start with a small truck. Drive carefully and gather money to buy a huge truck.

  » Eruption Disruption

You are an airplane pilot and have to fly over an erupting volcano. There are ash clouds all over the place. You have to avoid the clouds because they can damage the engines and the windshield. Play with the mouse.

  » Natures Keepers

Natures Keepers is new hidden objects game by hidden4fun. Today is the day when Linda should start working on a new project. She is engaged by her society and a local national park, to clean the picnic areas in the park from the garbage thrown by the unconscious citizens. It seems that there are a lot of people that don't care about the nature because this place is in a real mess. However, there..

  » Shopping Street

You are a business investor and want to open shops in different cities and create shopping streets in their busiest neighborhoods. Start with a Boutique and gradually grow your business. Try to make your customers happy so that they come back to your shop and you earn more money. You have to pass a few levels but you have only five days to develop your business. Good Luck!

  » Bourbon Street Crime

Bourbon Street Crime is free hidden objects game by hidden4fun. Few criminal minds will bring some silly decision to make easy money overnight, start burgling, frighten people, and scare to death, even so. Usually small touristic places are interesting for foreign tourists that come from all over the world. Such towns are nice to be seen because of the quiet and rare story they sell....

  » Beach day hidden numbers

Remember the summer and the seaside. This game is for the people who like finding hidden things. Try to find the numbers hidden all over the beach. Have fun.

  » Dress Up the babysitter

Your neighbor has asked you for some help to be a babysitter for a night. This is your first trial. Dress up appropriately, but the most difficult task is to dress up the newborn baby. Will you be able to manage with the task? Good luck.

  » Fishy Feast

Prepare for a delicious meal of seafood. Choose from a few different kinds of fish and garnish it with vegetables, shrimp, octopus and sauces.

  » Bike Finish Line

3, 2, 1... Start the engines! Find all the numbers hidden in the finish line. For every correct click you get 10 points and for every wrong one you lose 10 points.

  » Pom Pom Cheerleader Coloring

Pom Pom is a cheerleader. Color her in the most beautiful flowers. Use different colors and make her look great.

  » Coal express 2

You are the driver of a freight train. Load all the trunks at the railway station and take them to the next stop but watch out not to lose the cargo. Good luck!

  » Big Mansion

Do you want a change in your life? Then become a broker of real estates. Buy and sell houses, and your aim is to buy more expensive houses so that you can gain the capital that you need to buy the biggest house in the best neighborhood. Will you manage with the task?

  » Hidden Numbers - Halloween Night

It is Halloween Night. Have fun by finding all the hidden numbers. Will you manage with the task? Do not click without a reason so that you do not get a penalty.

  » Classy Joanna Dressup

Joanna is one really beautiful young lady. She loves fashion and her wardrobe is full of clothes. Help her to look amazing today.

  » Hidden Numbers - Halloween Special

Take a good look on the picture with the magnifying glass and find out all the hidden numbers. Do not click without a reason, because you will get a penalty. Have fun.

  » Monster Shop

Meet the client. Take his order, package the good and take the money. You can move with the help of the arrows, the interval key you are using for packaging and taking the money.

  » Hidden Object House-1

Find all the hidden objects into the house. The faster you find them, the higher rating you will get. Do not click without a reason, otherwise you will get a penalty of 20 seconds. Good luck.

  » Space Hummer 2

Space Hummer is again on a new planet with a mission form the Space Command to study the forms of life on this entirely unknown planet. Its task is to reach the control tower and send the collected evidence. To start the game from the beginning refresh the page.

  » Mystic Emporium

Help the seller into the mystic shop to make properly all his portions. Click on the client and find our which the portion that he wants is. Read the recipe into the magical book, place the ingredients into the big bowl and make the magical portion. Do not forget to light the fire. Good luck.

  » Hidden Numbers-Dinner for Schmucks

Find the numbers, which are hidden at different places and under different shape. Do not click without a reason because your score will go down. Have fun and good luck.

  » Cool Feas

Try to decorate the most delicious ice-cream, a great cocktail of juicy fruit and sweet cake. Enjoy the game and have fun!

  » Cute Puppy Dress Up

This little puppy is fascinated by the wide selection of hats, socks, clothes and colour of the skin. Make him do the right choice.

  » Cleaning Day at Alma Mater

Today is a day for cleaning at the university. Help the students to clean the library, the laboratory rooms and the entrance, and to find all the hidden objects there. Have fun!

  » Angkor Quest

This is a puzzle game with excellent graphics. Try to solve the puzzle of the Angkor ruins. Arrange the identical figures in a triangle. To advance to the next level you need to solve all triangle puzzles.

  » Snow Truck 2

The Snow Truck is back! Now the track is sloppy and frozen. Can you manage to go through it? Watch out for the ice covered bridges. Have fun.

  » The Perfect Game Hidden Objects

Find the objects which are hidden into this sports picture. Try to find as many as you can for less time. Good luck and have fun!

  » Vegetable Garden

In this game you will test your skills for growing a vegetable garden. Dig some holes, plant the seeds, and water them. Some vegetables, like potatoes for example, grow easily, but you get little money for them. But others, like the broccoli for example, are difficult to be grown, but they cost more. The aim of the game is to win as much money as you can. Good luck.

  » Little Mermaid

Have you ever dreamed to be a mermaid and to live in the sea? Now you can try on different clothes for mermaids. And do not forget to choose a beautiful tail.

  » The Antique Store

Try to find all the hidden objects before the time runs out. If you have difficulties you can use the two hints. You will see the word for every found object written at the top of the screen. The game is translated in English, French and Spanish.

  » Steak Fajitas

It’s dinnertime. Go to the kitchen and cook a delicious stake fajitas for your loved ones. Follow the recipe exactly as it is. Good luck.

  » Ashley Tisdale Shopping

Ashley Tisdale is really famous in Hollywood for being part of the movie musical on school theme. Today Ashley is going shopping to renew her wardrobe. Help her to choose the most suitable clothes and jewelry.

  » Death Racers

You are in the future and everything that you have to do is to drive or die on the track. Choose your driver. The winner is the one who succeeds in making 5 laps. Drive with the help of the arrows. Use the weapon when you press the interval.

  » Leaving The Country

Douglas and Sara have decided to start a new life in France. They buy an old house that they turn into a hotel. Because they want to expand their business, they make everything possible to make their clients feel happy and satisfied with their services. Help them to deal with the work.

  » Glitter Dress Princess

This princess wants to be dressed in the most glamorous outfit, but she needs your help in choosing the best colours. The possibilities for her choice are really a lot and she can not manage without your help.

  » Pastry Cook

The pastry cook job might seem easy. Actually it’s very demanding and you will have to keep your reputation by preparing the most delicious wedding cake. Can you handle the task? Good luck.

  » Sabina Jewelry 3

This game is an escape game. You have 4 interesting levels. An office, a jewelry store, a workshop and a grocery’s store. You have a list with the objects you need to find. After you locate all of the you will be able to get out of the room.

  » Revenge Rider

The city that never sleeps. Gallop on the night streets. Try to avoid the car crashes with the other cars. Move with the help of the arrows, the interval – the handbrake.

  » Dora the Babysitter

Dora is the babysitter of her little brother and sister. She loves them very much and she is happy that her parents have given her the opportunity to take care of them. She will feed them, she will play with them and she will take them for a walk in the park after that. See how happy the babies are when they are playing with Dora.

  » Hidden Alphabets-Toy Story 3

Find the letters, which are hidden into the picture of Toy Story. Do not click without a reason, because your score will go down. Have fun.

  » Perfect Chicken

Matt has invited his friends to visit him and he needs to prepare a delicious chicken for them. Help him to manage in the kitchen. Chop the chicken and the vegetables, add the spices and prepare a perfect chicken for the guests.

  » Hidden Objects Office

Find the objects from the list at the bottom of the screen, which are hidden in the office. For the wrong clicks you get a penalty. Good luck and have fun.

  » Taylor Swift Concert

Taylor Swift is preparing for her concert in San Diego and she has to show up there in time. She sings beautifully, but you need to make sure that she also looks beautiful Help her in choosing the appropriate clothes, make-up and jewelry.

  » FFX Runner

Speed up on the streets of the city. But be careful on the turns and try to stop so that you can avoid the car crashes with the bus that is going behind you. The arrow up – speeding, the arrow down – stopping, the arrow in the left- turn left The arrow in the right- turn right, Space bar – brake, P-pause

  » Cats Care

This granny loves cats very much and she has decided to open a Cat Care facility. People are happy that they have a place where they can leave their pets when they have some work to do and are busy at the moment. But the granny is no longer a young girl and she needs help in taking care of the cats. Help her for taking care of these lovely cute kittens.

  » Find the Easter Eggs

There are 10 eggs, hidden in the room. But be careful, while looking for them, because there are places where you can get only negative points.

  » Cook Cupcake and Candy

Every child loves eating cupcakes and candies. In this game you will learn how to cook these sweet things. Have fun.

  » Yellow Bus Kiss

The back seat of the school bus is really suitable for secret kisses. Try to kiss during the travel with the bus without being caught by the driver or a classmate of yours. Good luck.

  » First Dressing Room

There is not a girl who has not dreamed about having her own room, full of clothes for dressing up and a big mirror, where she can take a look and admire of herself. Choose different clothes and have fun.

  » Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Museum

A great game for finding the objects. Do not miss the opportunity to solve the mysteries into the museum of Sherlock Homes, located on 221B ‘Baker Street’. Find out where the hidden objects are in the room with the fireplace, in the house and on the famous detective’s bureau

  » Car Work Shop

You are working in a car workshop. Serve the customers quickly so that they are pleased. Click on the car and after that on the arrow for parking it. Choose the appropriate tool and repair the car.

  » Summer Picnic Dress Up

It is summer and Jules wants to go on a picnic in the park. Help her to dress the most appropriate and stylish clothes, which are hidden in the flowers.

  » Racing Cartoon Differences

This game is for the people who love logical games and the games with cars. Find out the differences between the two pictures of car races. If you could succeed to do it for the time that is set for the task, you will pass on the next level. You have the right of only three wrong clicks. Good luck.

  » Hay Delivery 2

The harvest is stored during the autumn into the big warehouse. It is winter now and it should be delivered to the smaller farms. Deliver the hey bales with your truck, but you should be careful. The road is slippery and difficult. Try to deliver as much load as you can. Good luck. Manage the game with the help of the arrows.

  » Sunny Terrace

You are working on the open sunny terrace of a big restaurant. Serve the customers quickly so that they are pleased. Prepare the orders accurately and the clients will pay you generously.

  » Incredible Cooking

Sisi and Toto spend the afternoon in the kitchen, trying to learn how to cook. You can join the game, in which you need to prepare a fruit salad, one chicken soup and a chocolate cake. The game has 16 levels. Move the objects from the right cupboard and press the start button.

  » The Broken Bridge

The Broken Bridge is a game of the type find the objects. You need to find the objects, hidden into the ruins of the broken bridge. For the objects which are the hardest to find, you can use the Council.

  » Fourth Of July Dress Up

Fourth of July is a big holiday for all Americans. These little girls are very good friends and they like celebrating. Each year they dress up in patriotic clothes, coloured in red, blue and white, and they take a picture before they go to see the fireworks. Help them in choosing the best clothes.

  » Micro Trux 2

Micro Trux (the little trucks) are now on a beautiful island. Find your way through the different places of the heart of the jungle until you reach the bottom of the ocean. Collect the bonuses on you way in the form of golden coins. You are going to need them. Have fun!

  » Pilot

You are the pilot of a fighter plane and your mission is to protect your country of the enemies. Destroy the invaders and keep the sky clean. Good luck.

  » The Royal Room

Find all the hidden objects in the Royal Room. The objects are pointed out into the list on your left. Have fun.

  » Do you believe in Santa?

A couple of days before Christmas, Sandy is visiting her grandparents. There she learns that the bank wants to close the shop for presents after 10 days. Is it possible to gather 10000$ for such a short period of time? She undertakes in making and decorating toys. If she does well with the task, Santa Claus has decided to give her an amazing present.

  » The Lively Golf Girl Dress Up

This girl really likes sports, especially golf. When she was a little girl, her parents used to take her to play mini golf, but she is a grown-up now and she has the opportunity to play on the big field, together with the professionals. Today is her first day. Choose the best golf outfit, the best hairstyle and jewelry for her.

  » Demolition Dodge

This game is an awesome race, one destructive chaos. Choose your car and try to escape the hits with the other participants in the race in any possible way. Control the game with the arrow keys. Good luck.

  » Au-Pair Abryl

You are the owner of a nursery and you need to take care of the children that are entrusted to you. You will have to feed the children, to change their dippers, to give them toys, and everything else that will make them happy. With each other level you will have more kids to take care of. Will you manage with the task?

  » Mystery Case - The Lost Child

It is a sad story for a kidnapped child. The only way that the child could be found is by revealing who the kidnapper is. For this purpose you will have to solve the mysteries around and find the hidden objects.

  » Lost Nuke 2

Nuke has again found himself in a difficult situation. He has to destroy the invaders to the end until you pass on the next level, where he is going to face the commander of the invaders. The control keys: [A] moving on the left, [D] moving on the right, [mouse] aiming, [left button] shooting, [ interval] changing the weapon

  » Where is my blanket?

Help the little bunny to get his blanket. At every level you need to figure out what you should do so that the bunny can get his blanket.

  » Kirsten's Honey Bees

Kirsten’s school needs books and she wants to help the children. She decides to sell the honey that is produced by the hives, owned by her family. Because the books are really expensive, she needs to sell a lot of honey. Help her to plant enough flowers so that the bees can have a place from where to collect honey.

  » Find Objects In Furniture Shop

You are now in a furniture shop. Try to find all the objects that are hidden there.

  » Funny Hiddens – Bear

This game is a combination of four different games – arranging a puzzle, finding the differences between two pictures and finding the hidden objects in an image. So have fun

  » A different teddy bear

Do you have a sharp eye? Try to find which bear is the different one. You have 10 levels that you need to pass for 2 minutes. When passing a level, you receive points, and when you click on the wrong bear, you lose points. Take a look even on the smallest details. Good luck.

  » Youda Sushi Chef

You are the sushi chef at your own restaurant. Serve your customers quickly and accurately keep the sushi recipes that you have carefully remembered before that. With every other level the recipes get harder and harder. You have a beautiful restaurant, available just for you, and you have lots of bonuses to achieve a good daily turnover.

  » Fairy in the Autumn Woods

Each season has its fairytale beauty, but no one is as rich of colours as the autumn. Help the Autumn Fairy to dress the most exquisite clothes and to choose the most beautiful wings so that she can fly away and leave a space for the Winter Fairy.

  » My Cute Pets

You love pets and you want to take a good care of them. In this game you have this opportunity; you can take care of a kitten, a puppy or a pony. You can feed them, clean them and play with them. Make sure that you take a good care of them before they get upset.

  » Livingroom Decoration

This is the new house of Alex and Diane. They need a talented designer who will help them to arrange their new home. Imagine that you are this designer and you will create their dream house.

  » Food Triplets

Try one puzzle game that is really great. The aim of the game is to arrange three identical delicious foods and they will disappear. The more foods you remove before the time runs out, the more points you will win and you will pass on the next level. Good luck.

  » Perfume Laboratory Escape

Welcome in this game for an escape. It will take you into the wonderful world of perfumes when you find yourself into the laboratory for perfumes. This laboratory is amazing, but when you find out that you are trapped there, the only desire that you have is to find an exit. So look around and collect everything that you need for the secret formula of the perfume and you will find out where the exi

  » Puppy Center

Amy’s parents went on a vacation and they left her alone in the family store to take care of the animals. She needs your help so that she can manage with the cares for all the animals. This game has been translated in 7 languages.

  » Exciting Shopping Hidden Objects

Debby has been invited to a great party at her friend’s house tonight. There will be lots of popular girls and she also wants to look stylish. Help Debby to choose which accessories and clothes will be the best for her, and do not forget to take a box, a heart and a map from each store.

  » Sami's Spa Shop

Sami has her own spa center and she is really pleased with the money that she earns. But these days the clients get more and more and she can not manage only by herself. That is why she asks you to help her. Take the customers to the places, where they want. Do not make them wait for too long, because they will get frustrated and they will not pay.

  » Royal Room Decoration

Arrange the pink room of the princess as good as you can. Find the perfect place for these wonderful objects and create one fabulous room. Good luck.

  » Just Sudoku

The aim of the game is to enter the numbers from 1 to 9 in each box of the net. You can choose from several degrees of complexity, each one with several levels.

  » Younda Framer

This is an amazing three-dimensional game that gives you the opportunity to become a farmer. You can produce milk, flour, eggs, meat and many other products that will be unlocked with each next level. After that you should deliver the goods in the village and sell them.

  » The Mysterious Hotel

A fascinating fame, in which you can choose from four different levels. You can search hidden objects or places, you can arrange puzzles or you can find where the differences are. Enjoy this amazing game.

  » Magical Broom

This little girl has played the whole day on her favourite computer games and had forgotten to clean the house, and her parents are about to come home in less than 15 minutes and they should not see that the house is in a mess. Fortunately, the girl has found her grandmother’s broom and she will be able to clean the house quickly. Help her to clean all the corners of the house.

  » Death Trip

You are a cab driver. Follow the arrow and take for a lift the people who have to be driven to certain points, but you should be careful when driving the car.

  » Plantasia

Help Holly to finish her education for being a fairy by taking care of the gardens that should be restored. Plant the flowers, repair the statues and you can steep yourself into the magical world of beauty and harmony!

  » Combat college

This is an action game in which you have the aim to beat anyone who attacks you. Each level is full of enemies, and at the end of it comes the boss. Try to beat everyone. Use the arrows so that you can move, jump, punch, kick and protect. Use the arrow keys to move right and left and up arrow key to jump Use the space bar to pick up weapons Use Z to Punch Use X to Kick Use C to protect

  » Polly's Hair Stylin' Salon

Polly wants to change the way she looks and she knows that you are the person that can help her. Your job is to choose a suitable hairstyle and colour of the hair. After that you press the button ‘Show Polly’ or ‘Surprise’.

  » Wedding decoration

Arrange and decorate this wonderful place for the wedding of two cute bears. Enjoy it.

  » Flash Sonic

This is the original Sonic. Gather all the golden coins and complete the level by avoiding all the enemies.

  » The Last Jewels

This is a puzzle, composed of jewelries. Try to arrange three identical jewelries and they will disappear. The aim is to remove all the elements.

  » Fairy

This game is about the epic battle between good and evil. The Wizard of the forest relies on the fairies to protect the kingdom from the Evil Witch. But the Witch is a strong opponent and you will have to use all the magic tricks that you have learned from the Wizard. The game has been translated in 8 languages.

  » Personal Shopper 4

The cinema studio of Mr. Wood starts the shootings of a new fantastic movie and he needs help when buying the stage-properties. Mazy begins a new job as a personal assistant of Mr. Wood and she takes care for delivering on time the stage-properties for the movie. The game has been translated in 16 languages.


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