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11.12.1618 г.
Русия и Полша подписват 14-годишния Девлински мирен договор. Според него Москва се лишава от Смоленск.

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новините днес - всичко от едно място


  » Shoes Rush

You have just found a new shop for modern stylish shoes for men and women. For your shop to be successful and famous around town you will need to attend to all your potential customers’ needs fast and exact. Invite them to sit, offer them a hot beverage, present them your best pair of shoes. When you accomplish your goal and reach a higher level your customers’ number will increase, but they will also require more from you. Have fun in your new shop!

  » Fairy Difference

You need to find all the differences in illustrations of the fairy’s wings. Click with the mouse on the differences you see in the picture. There is help, of course, if you can’t find them all, try using the hint button. Good luck.

  » Тhe Mysteries of Persia

If you are ready to go on an adventure ancient Persia has a lot of secrets and mysteries to offer you. Arrange all the jewelry of identical shape and colours into different groups of three or more. You have available 80 levels, 8 bonuses and marvelous graphics. Have a great time playing this enigmatic game!

  » Pet Food Restaurant

In this game you will have to feed all the pets that come to the restaurant. Yes, you heard it right, this a restaurant for pets only! Let’s see how fast you nurture them all. Good luck in your new challenge!

  » Anniversary Cupcakes

You have invited guests on your birthday party. Make splendid tartelettes guided by your mother and decorate them as you wish. Learn to love cooking!

  » Dreams of a fairy tale

While you are reading a book you fall asleep. Suddenly you hear a strange voice, you open your eyes and the first thing you see is your room, something has changed, your own room now looks exactly like a doll house. You start asking yourself where you are or how to get home. The first thing you need to do is find all those red pebbles.

  » Popcorn Machine Serve

This game will teach you how to make the best, most delish popcorn ever! Learn how to serve your clients before they have even entered the movie house. You can also sell fizzy drinks and pastry. Take your clients’ orders carefully and try to precisely fulfill their needs and satisfy their desires!

  » Divine Pizza

One of the most interesting and fascinating things you can do in kitchen is pizza making. Try to make the most delicious pizza, decorate it, season it to your taste. Try following the instructions and good luck!

  » Lamp Of Aladdin

Aladdin has found a cave full of treasures, his job is now to find all the details of hidden objects in order to unlock the chest and take the lamp. You can open a hidden place after you assemble one object and you can then find the parts of another object. Start with the dagger on the left. Go on and discover all the secrets in each new level by solving the intricate puzzles!

  » Ice Rush

Extreme Arctic race. The point is to find North pole’s mysterious package. Watch the map and the pointing arrow you have on your screen. Keep in mind that driving on the ice can be tricky due to the lots of sliding. You have 5 levels, each more difficult than the previous one. Use the arrow keys to move and the space key for a hand brake.

  » Horse Care Apprenticeships

Meet Sarah, she is a guest in the farm of her family. Now it is time for her to groom the horses. She has to learn of all the activities necessary to take care of the farm’s horses. Feeding, taking them to the watering-place, vaccination, cleaning of the stables, and last but not the least, pay attention to the appearance of the horses.

  » Hidden Objects Pink Room 2

Find all the items concealed in the Pink room. Watch carefully as new objects appear in the list. Every wrong click of the mouse button takes away 20 seconds as punishment. You can reach the next level if you manage to find all of the hidden objects. Good luck!

  » Irish Roast Cooking

If you love to cook or maybe just eat, this game will offer you ways to prepare a fancy savoury dish, an Irish roasted lamb with vegetables, fragrant herbs and spices. You have all of the necessary ingredients. Let’s begin cooking now!

  » Paper Dont Move

Heeeeeelp, the garbage is attacking! Try shooting all of the waste and paper that are trying to bury you. Shoot using the mouse and reload with the button “R”. Good luck fighting against the trash.

  » Ancient China Solitaire

This game is one enjoyable solitaire. Gather all the cards from the table, then all those of equal value or the ones with one unit above or one below. The Joker can be placed anywhere. Your goal is to collect the whole deck of cards before you continue to the next level. Start playing with any card you want!


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