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14 август 2020 г.

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На днешният ден

14.8.1908 г.
На хиподрум във Фолкънстоун, Англия, се провежда първият международен конкурс за красота

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новините днес - всичко от едно място


  » Pyramid Solitaire

Visit all the ancient civilizations with this solitaire Pyramid. Combine two cards with a total value of 13 and remove all the cards from the game field. Keep in mind that the Bishop carries 13 points, the Queen – 12 points, the Jack is 12 points, the Ace is 1 point. You can use the temporary pack that is situated on top left corner of the game screen. Have a fun time!

  » Forest Fidget

This small forest fidget went to gather fruit. Help the poor little guy pick all of the fruits. Click and drag with your mouse in the direction of the fruit you want to take. The Forest fidget has 10 levels available to you and pleasant graphics and nice sounds. Just play and enjoy the fun adventures of this Forest fidget!

  » Summer Sandals

Summer is short so take off your shoes and put the sandals on! Choose the most comfortable sandals and paint your toe nails. Also don’t you forget putting on some fine jewelry!

  » Jolly Roger Mahjong

You own an old map revealing a road leading to an ancient pirate treasure. Solve all the puzzles you are given and travel through the Uninhabited isle that is full of dangerous adventures. The game is one with astounding graphics and a perfect sound.

  » The Forgotten Post Office

You have appeared in The Forgotten Post Office, which was left in a hurry by its employees. Quickly find all of the unposted letters. Find the hidden objects and don’t you forget the packages, the objects will help you list them easily and to carry them around. In the end all you have to do is discover the differences in the two pictures you will see. Enjoy the game to the fullest.

  » Barbie Princess School

These princesses are all going to the school for Barbie princesses. The road is full of hidden mysterious riddles. Help those princesses find the numbers and the hearts that are hidden in various places along the road. Have a great time playing.

  » J'aime mahjong your levels

A game of Mahjong with its own editor. Play each one of the 85 different versions of the game you choose to, and if you wish, make another one just for yourself using the editor. Have a fun time and enjoy the Mahjong challenge!

  » The Dark Rider

The Dark rider is going away at daybreak. With each level you get a different city, more exciting challenges. Test your driving skills throughout all the inhabited places until the game ends.

  » City Salon

Imagine you are working in a hair salon and you have to show your superb work skills. Put your waiting customers on the hair styling chair and make them the hair-do of their dreams. Use the right equipment, the proper colours. Your excellent service will leave your customers happy and satisfied, and they will want to revisit your place over and over again, in no time your hair salon will become the most popular in town!

  » Sea Gems of Neptune

Here you will experience three games into one. You will play the role of a brave diver and you will be searching the bottom of the sea for precious gems. In the first level all you have to do is find differences between the shown pictures. The second level is all about finding the secret objects and the third has to do with precious stones.

  » Bounce to Heaven

Help this cute little angel return to heaven safely. If you jump from star to star you gather all kinds of bonuses and may even get to touch the Moon!

  » Woman Applying Make Up

If you want to be extremely beautiful and amaze with your looks, this game is the one for you. Paint your lips, make your eyelashes longer, shape your eyebrows. You can even change your eye colour !

  » Shoes Rush

You have just found a new shop for modern stylish shoes for men and women. For your shop to be successful and famous around town you will need to attend to all your potential customers’ needs fast and exact. Invite them to sit, offer them a hot beverage, present them your best pair of shoes. When you accomplish your goal and reach a higher level your customers’ number will increase, but they will also require more from you. Have fun in your new shop!

  » Fairy Difference

You need to find all the differences in illustrations of the fairy’s wings. Click with the mouse on the differences you see in the picture. There is help, of course, if you can’t find them all, try using the hint button. Good luck.

  » Тhe Mysteries of Persia

If you are ready to go on an adventure ancient Persia has a lot of secrets and mysteries to offer you. Arrange all the jewelry of identical shape and colours into different groups of three or more. You have available 80 levels, 8 bonuses and marvelous graphics. Have a great time playing this enigmatic game!


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